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Resvie For Weight Loss – Resveratrol Supplements Are Everywhere – Which One Should You Take?

Scientists have been studying resveratrol and its properties for decades. Back in the 80s the scientific community was already researching the impact on mice and other animals, but it was until about 2 years ago that this supplement took the world by storm when a study from Harvard was published.

The study consisted of a group of mice placed on a high fat diet. The group was divided in 2: one group was given resveratrol and the other did not. The study revealed that the group that also received resveratrol seemed to be in better health and also, did not report weight gain, as opposed to the other group of mice that had been given the exact same diet except the supplement.

These results were so astounding that in April of 08, there was special report on TV called “Live to 150, Can You Do It? And among the things discussed on this report was resveratrol and its properties. Also, in March of the previous year, there was an article on Men’s Health named “Reverse Aging” that studied the different supplements loaded with antioxidants to fight free radicals and it was concluded that Resveratrol was the most effective and it was compered to drinking over 160 glasses of red wine.

Resveratrol is found on grape skins and it works by activating a gene in the cells that slows down the aging process. That is why is a great supplement for anti aging remedies, to control heart disease and to control obesity among many other reported benefits.

Source by Howy Snyder

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