In this article, we will talk about an unforgettable weekend spent in Ourense, a city in northwestern Spain.

Ourense is located about 200 km from Porto and has great accesses, so the trip by car takes just over 2 hours. Taking into account the activities we have planned, the car is undoubtedly the best option for transportation, although it is also possible to travel to Ourense by train.

In the region, there are accommodations for all prices, from hostels to hotels. Regardless of your choice, it is preferable to stay in the city of Ourense, even if it is in the vicinity, because this way you can better enjoy the vibrant nightlife!

Our weekend began on Saturday very early in a small town called “Parada del Sil”, about 40 km from Ourense. Then we did one of the several pedestrian routes that are signposted, with a total of 18 km. It is a medium / high difficulty circular trail, which begins next to the Parada del Sil football field. It crosses the slope of the River Sil, in an astonishing scenery of cliffs, oaks and breathtaking viewpoints, passing also by the Monastery of Santa Cristina.

To make the trail, you must wear hiking boots, as they are more stable than sneakers when it comes to rough routes, which is the case of this. Water and food should also not be overlooked as well as cap / hat and sunscreen. You’re likely to spend a good part of the day taking the course, let alone hoping to stop to take hundreds of pictures in a fantastic setting, which is what happened to us!

At the end of the afternoon, returning to Ourense, it is a good idea to go to one of the various thermal baths to relax. We chose the “Muino da Veiga” spa, next to the Minho river, which are free and have several pools with thermal water at different temperatures. There you can make new friends, even with the famous and charming couple of ducks that systematically bathe with the thermalists!

Another must visit place in Ourense is its beautiful cathedral, right in the historic center. Although the ticket is paid, with the ticket you receive an audioguide, available in several languages, which makes the visit even more enriching. Inside the cathedral, filming is not allowed, but you can shoot without flash.

In the evening, we opted for dinner in the historic center of Ourense. Next to the cathedral, there are numerous restaurants and bars, with traditional dishes and tapas / appetizers, accompanied by local wines, where we highlight the refreshing alvarinhos wines.

On Sunday morning, we took a boat trip on the River Sil, which lasted about 2 hours. To do so, we chose the Doade dock, about 59 km from Ourense, as it offers a tour of the Canon del Sil, between steep cliffs and green slopes. The tour cost € 9 per person and was very comfortable, since the boat had great conditions. A guide was explaining in Galician all the points of interest, which allowed us to enjoy the trip better. The tour began at 11.30 am, with a minimum of 1 hour notice. If you want to book tickets, you can do so through the reservas.rutasembalses.es link or by the contact 982260196.

For more details and a preview of all these wonders, see the video:

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