In this article, which is not sponsored, we will talk about Skinerie, a brand developed in French laboratories. We will make a brief presentation of the brand, analyze the constitution of the products for skin care that we choose and indicate the main positive and negative aspects of them.


The brand has a line of make-up and another of skin care, being the latter that we will pay attention in this article.

According to Skinerie, their products are not tested on animals, which is a great asset. Skinerie products are also advertised as specialized in anti aging and as having an innovative active ingredient called “Clotholine”.

Clotholine” is the name given to an ingredient obtained from the flower Centaurea cyanus. This is a small blue-violet flower plant, originally from Europe, known in Portugal simply as centaurea and in Brazil as a brush, marianinha, or single button. Skinerie claims that Clotholine activates the synthesis of klotho, a key protein for the functioning of various organs of the human body. Reportedly, this protein regulates the oxidation caused by stress and reduces cell death, among other properties.

In addition to the clotholine, each of Skinerie’s 7 ranges has other key ingredients:

  1. ENERGIZE & PREVENT: with clotholine and silk proteins;
  2. YOUTH ACTIVATOR: based on clotholine and yeast extract;
  3. LIFT & FIRM: with clotholine and peptides;
  4. INTENSE REGENERATOR: based on clotholine and argan extract;
  5. PREPARE & CARE: products for cleaning, purification, preparation and prevention;
  6. DAILY BOOST: products for correction, hydration, prevention and protection;
  7. RESPECTFUL OILS: oils for the face, body and hair

The ranges 1 to 4 are associated by Skinerie to different age groups; however, it will be preferable to select the range according to the specific characteristics and needs of your skin at the time of purchase.

It was based on this assumption that we chose 4 Skinerie products that we will analyze for you:

• CC Plumping Fusion Lip Balm (9 ml at € 7.71);

• 3 products of the Lift & Firm range, namely eye creams (15 ml at €7.71), day and night (50 ml and €20.58 each).

You should be aware that the price of these products varies considerably depending on where you purchase them, so we advise you to search the internet for the best opportunities. We bought with a 40% discount on Sofarma, a parapharmacy online, and we paid by bank reference, the products were delivered quickly and comfortably. However, do a similar search at the time you want to buy, as there are always deals!


• CC Plumping Fusion is a lip balm presented in a tube with a rounded tip, which facilitates its application. Its composition includes palmitoyl tetrapeptide 38 (also known as matrixyl), shorea seed butter (a tree quite common in India), various oils (argan, apricot …), fatty acids, antioxidants and UV filters.

• Lift & Firm Eye Contour Cream is presented as being suitable for sensitive skin and is presented on a tube. Among the ingredients of this product stand out extracts of plankton, oils, butters, antioxidants, silk proteins and hyaluronic acid, as well as clotholine, in which this whole range is based.

• Lift & Firm day cream comes in a jar and is suitable for normal skins, with an SPF of 30 (UVB + UVA). In addition to clotholine, it has palmitoyl tetrapeptides 1 and 7, coconut oil, glycerin and antioxidants.

• Lift & Firm night cream is also suitable for normal skin and comes in a jar, also having clotholine. Its composition has avocado and argan oils, as well as palmitoyl tetrapeptides 1 and 7.

If you want to know what tetrapeptides are and theirs advantages, read the article HERE.


With regard to the main positive aspects, we started by highlighting the excellent quality / price ratio of the products, taking into account their constitution. Effectively, peptides are increasingly used in the cosmetics industry, but often this amounts to high prices for the products that contain them, which is not the case with Skinerie.

Another very positive aspect is the UVB + UVA protection in day cream, equivalent to an SPF of 30. Obviously, it should be supplemented with a summer sunscreen (preferably with SPF 50), but it is an asset.

Also included in this line are the UV filters that are part of the lip balm, although the SPF is not specified.

The light textures and quick absorption of the creams are another of the advantages, especially in the hotter time, because it avoids the excessive brightness and obtains a great base of make-up.

Nesta linha inserem-se também os filtros UV que fazem parte do bálsamo labial, embora não esteja especificado o SPF.

As a less positive aspect, we mention the fact that day and night creams have fragrances, which in no way contribute to increase the quality of products and are a potentially allergenic element, especially for those with sensitive skin. Often, there are no adverse reactions to the fragrance in the first few applications, but with the prolongation, they appear, especially in people who have skin problems (rosacea, for example). There is a whole audience that is easily captivated by the fragrances, which leads the brands to insert them into their products, but the reality is that nothing adds skin care.

Therefore, you should carefully monitor the reaction of your skin to Skinerie products – if you do not detect skin irritations, they are a great option!


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    Achei esses produtos super úteis para o cuidado diário com a nossa pele. Concordo! Eles são realmente ótimas opções. Great job!

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