In this article, which is not sponsored, we will talk about the use of peptides in cosmetics: what are they, what are they, what are their advantages and suggestions of products that contain them (see our photo gallery).

Skinerie LiftFirm day cream

1 – What are peptides and what are they for?

A peptide is a chain of amino acids, which are the precursors of major proteins in the human body, responsible for maintaining tissues and important biological processes, such as protection against free radicals, DNA repair, etc.

There are peptides of natural origin and peptides of synthetic origin, that is, manufactured in the laboratory.

2 – What are the advantages of peptides in cosmetics?

There are laboratory studies that indicate that giving peptides to cells stimulates them to produce proteins. For example, peptides are present in the synthesis of collagen, which imparts firmness, density and homogeneity to the skin. It was based on this assumption that the cosmetic industry began to include them in creams and serums.

A widely used synthetic peptide is matrixyl, also referred to as “palmitoyl tripeptide 38”, which contains three important amino acids for the skin and a fatty acid – in theory, the latter facilitates penetration of the peptide to the deeper layers of the skin, which improves its performance in the production of collagen. There are preliminary studies that suggest this, but this theory has not yet been effectively proven and should not be presented as “scientific evidence”.

Regardless, peptides are great moisturizers, helping to conserve water on the skin, which gives it a more hydrated, full and firm appearance – hence its success with consumers.

3 – Products with peptides:

First of all, keep in mind that peptides are not “miraculous” and do not justify the high prices of some creams and serums. You should therefore consider whether it is worthwhile investing, especially because there are products with reasonably priced peptides.

Here are some suggestions for different price ranges:

  • Skinerie – Lift & Firm night and day creams (21€ each);
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION – Anti-aging face and eye care (23.55€);
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS – It’s Potent! Eye Cream (36.90€);
  • Neostrata – dermal replenishment cream (52.90€);
  • COLLISTAR – Pure Actives Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate Marine Algae + Peptides (43.50€);
  • COLLISTAR – Magnifica® PLUS Replumping Regenerating Youth Elixir (58.55€);
  • ESTÉE LAUDER – RESILIENCE LIFT Crème Tri-Peptide eyes contour (65.50€);
  • ESTÉE LAUDER – RESILIENCE LIFT Crème Tri-Peptide (108.50€);
  • Filorga Creme – Time-Filler Mat (69.95€);
  • LA PRAIRIE – Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare (422.50€).

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