Although in a rainy season, spring has begun and soon the sun and heat will make sunscreens indispensable. If you have not already done so, it is the ideal time to integrate them into your daily facial care routine. GAB has researched, tested and selected an excellent option for you: the Photoderm Max SPF 50+ line, from the Bioderma brand.

This line is made up of several products suitable for different types of skin and personal tastes (see photo gallery). Among them, we chose the color cream for sensitive skin and the compact powder.

Aquafluide pele normal a mista

The cream with color has 40 ml and costs about 17 €. It is the ideal option for those who have normal sensitive skin to dry and want to even the skin tone, disguising any marks and spots. It is a mineral or physical protector with SPF 50+, the composition which integrates titanium dioxide and iron oxide – the later has proved to be very effective in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of blue light emanating from computers, smartphones and tablets, among others. It has a light texture and scrubs easily, leaving the surface of the skin velvety.

The compact powder (average price of € 16) is the ideal option for those who wear makeup, as it facilitates the reapplication of the sunscreen every 2 hours. It comes in three shades and its shape is very practical, integrating a mirror and a sponge. In its composition it has zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxide, also offering a 50+ mineral protection. Another advantage of this product is that its application allows to absorb the excess glitter derived from the perspiration in hot days, giving a matte aspect to the skin. These two products will be integrated into the spring / summer facial care routine, which we will be publishing very soon!

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