In this article (which is not sponsored), we will talk about face moisturizers and present 4 great choices with price under € 10. They are all part of our photogallery.

1 – What is a moisturizing cream used for?

The main objective of a moisturizer is to capture and conserve water in the skin, keeping it healthy along with other fundamental care, highlighting the role of a balanced diet.

2 – What kind of substances are part of moisturizers?

A moisturizer is a blend of ingredients with different functions. In them can appear 3 types of moisturizing substances:

  • Humectants – collect water;
  • Occlusives – seal the skin, preventing loss of water;
  • Emollients – soften the surface of the skin and give a creamy texture to the product.

In the composition of the moisturizers also appear texturizers (make the products thicker and easier to apply), acid neutralizers (balance PH and reduce the possibility of skin irritation), preservatives (prevent contaminations), emulsifiers (give stability to the mixture) sometimes fragrances (they do not bring any benefit other than odor and are often allergenic).

Keep in mind that there are ingredients that have different functions at the same time. Note also that brands are not required by law to indicate the% of the ingredients on the labels.

3 – What are our 4 choices?

We have analyzed dozens of different products, all priced under € 10 and can be easily purchased. Labels have been carefully checked, in particular through EU directives, among others. We chose 4 products with excellent value for different skin types:

  • Mixed to oily skins: Garnier Pure Mat Control.

This product has salicylic acid, a great ingredient to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and reduce inflammation by fighting acne. It also has moisturizing ingredients and emollients to attract water and reduce skin irregularities. Note, however, that it has perfume and does not have SPF / FPS, so by day you should wear a sunscreen.

  • Normal Skin: Nivea Urban Skin Defense.

Despite having perfume, the composition has vegetable moisturizers and emollients, highlighting green tea, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant BHT. Provides an SFF / FPS 20, which allows you to dispense sunscreen during less sunny days if you feel lazy!

  • Sensitive Skin: Nivea Essentials 24H Moisture Boost Sensitive Skins.

It has no dyes or perfume, which makes it very suitable for sensitive skin. In its composition, there are glycerin, vegetable oils and UV filters that provide an SPF / SPF of 15, among others. Its moisturizing functions of attracting water to the skin and emollients to soften it therefore stand out.

  • Dry Skin: L’Oréal Triple Action Day Skin Dry and Sensitive.

The composition of this cream includes moisturizing, occlusive and emollient ingredients, making it quite complete. It has oils and butters of vegetable origin, as well as antioxidants. However, UV filters are not very significant, making an extra sunscreen indispensable. The fact of having perfume can also be a problem for more sensitive skins, so be aware of possible allergic reactions.

See our photogallery choices and their approximate prices:

1 - Garnier Pure Active Mat Control (mista a oleosa)

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