In this article, we’ll show you how to use your smatphone to find out what colors are best for you when choosing what to wear.

The tone of our skin is the result of a very complex color scheme. It is this skin tone that determines the colors that suit you best and the colors that do not favor you. We can use the smartphone to know exactly what these colors are, as there are free applications for that.

We start by downloading an appropriate application, always choosing the free version:

  • if you have an iphone, search the applications for the word “kuler” and download an option of your choice (for example, “Instakuler” is what I use);
  • If you have an android, search for the term “color grab” and download one of these applications.

Then open the application and follow the instructions to take a picture of your skin:

  • should do so with natural daylight (although not exposing it directly to the sun, as this vitiates the results);
  • You should take the picture to the inside of the arm, because in this area the skin is less subject to variations of the tan that occurs throughout the year.

The photo is then processed automatically by the application, which gives you the Hex code of the exact color of your skin. For example, my skin’s Hex code is # c2a9a5:

In a search engine, search your Hex code and open the result that appears on the website – in this result, you have several important information about your personal colors, among which we highlight: the% of red, green and blue in your skin tone; its complementary color; their analogous colors; the monochrome colors of your skin tone; its triadic colors.

Using my example (color code Hex # c2a9a5), let’s see what each information means.

1 – Percentage of red, green and blue:

In my case, red is dominant, which means that wearing this color does not favor my skin because it makes it dull and lifeless. When choosing reds, I should opt for darker shades of this color or reds-orange (instead of pure red primary).

2 – The complementary color and the similar colors:

The complementary color is the one that makes you worse, gives your skin a sickly pallor that does not favor anything. On the contrary, the analogous colors are the best for you, because they make your complexion radiant.

3 – Monochrome colors:

If you wear a look with its monochromatic colors, you will have an image of great elegance, especially if you mix a black or white detail (a belt, a handkerchief, a wallet, jewelry, etc).

4 – Triadic colors.

If you choose a look with its triadic colors, it will project an image of perfect harmony – in this case, you must use one of these colors as dominant and the other two for details, or you must vary the intensity of each color.

Try this method and have fun finding the right colors for you!

See examples of looks in the photo gallery:

look monocromático

Watch the video in our youtube channel:

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