The scenery is grand, spectacular, truly from another planet! 250 km from Guimarães (300 from Oporto), in the province of Leon, lies the village of Las Médulas, next to the old exploration of Roman gold of the same name. In it we can see amazing reddish conglomerate formations, as well as a stunning landscape of chestnut and oak trees. This protected area has been classified as a World Heritage Site since 1997. See the photo gallery and read all the information to get to know Las Médulas on a weekend, with all the comfort!

We had the opportunity to do this trip in three days, but you can do it perfectly in just two, just stick to the activities carried out in Las Médulas.


Although there is lodging in the village of Las Médulas, we chose to stay in Puente de Domigo Flórez, a small locality nearby, since we also wanted to do a stage of the Camino de Santiago that goes by there. There are several possible routes, and here we show the best route from Guimarães (https://goo.gl/maps/v4RaY1K4FnN2) or Porto (https://goo.gl/maps/S3pDf6wwnam). In Puente de Domigo Flórez, we stayed at Hostal La Torre, paying € 35 per night (double room). Since we were in the fall (low season) we opted not to book in advance. The accommodation was good value for money, with a quiet and clean feel.

In the afternoon, we went to Las Médulas to get information at the local post, having visited the interpretation center and the underground galleries (€ 3), an experience not to be missed!


We cross the path of Santiago between Puente de Domigo Flórez and the locality of O Barco. It is approximately 20 km along the trail, almost always along the banks of the River Sil, with beautiful landscapes and uneven gradients. We had lunch at the boat and returned to Puente de Domigo Flórez by train, with all comfort.


Early in the morning, we checked out and went to the village of Las Médulas. It should be noted that, at the weekend, the establishments in the village only open at 10am, so it is necessary to go with breakfast taken!

The small reception post has all the information. There are several walking routes in the protected area (from only 500 meters), with different degrees of difficulty. We did the biggest, with 12 km – watch the video on our channel and blast yourself!!!! We often came across hikers accompanied by dogs, so it’s a good place to visit with your faithful friend!

On our way back to the village, we taste the local famous and delicious chestnut pie in one of the cafes and then return home calmly.

We strongly recommend you try it!!!!!!!!!!!

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