Summer is coming and it is time to adapt our skin care in the autumn, even because it is natural that the sun and the heat have caused some ills!

This night routine has as main objectives to revitalize the skin of the face, to standardize the pigmentation and to maintain the elasticity.

Hada Labo óleo limpeza 14€
Hada Labo óleo limpeza 14€
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This article is not sponsored, so refer to the products and brands with which we had good personal experiences (see the photo gallery of products, with their indicative prices).

1st Cleaning.Removing the make-up and releasing the skin from the impurities that have been accumulating in it throughout the day is the 1st step. We use the technique of double cleaning with the japanese brand Hada Labo, starting by applying on the dry face a dissolving oil of the makeup, which is then removed. With the face still damp, a cleaning foam is then applied, which is gently massaged and removed with tepid water. Both of these products can be applied throughout the face, including the eye area and the lips. They contain no perfume or potentially irritating agents to the skin.

2nd Tonification.

In this step, a moisturizing tonic of the korean brand Missha is used. Spread a little on the palm of your hands and apply to the whole face with light strokes, letting it dry then. This tonic nourishes and moisturizes, being very refreshing.

3rd Eye area.

In this region, a serum of The Ordinary brand is applied, with 5% caffeine, also suitable for the movable eyelid. It is very effective for decreasing ridges and swelling, allowing you to see results after a few days. It should be spread very gently, drying quickly.

4th Serum.

Then the whole face is treated with a serum of The Ordinary brand, with 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc. This product has a whitening and tensioning effect and should not be applied to the eyes or lips.

5th Moisturizing lotion.

We use a product of the brand CeraVe, a moisturizing lotion with ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Fragrance-free, it is a very light moisturizer, quickly absorbed through the skin.

6th Oil.

For the moment, we apply two or three drops of Tamanu oil all over the face (except the region around the eyes and lips), insisting more on areas with extra pigmentation. This antioxidant oil evenly uniforms the skin quite effectively and fights the spots, and the results come after two weeks of consistent use.

7º Lips.

To nourish the lips, apply a little CeraCe Healing Ointment, a protective ointment with ceramides that can also be applied to other dry areas that require extra nutrition.

This routine should be done at least half an hour before bedtime, so that the skin absorbs all the nutrients without being transferred to the cushion!

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    It´s always good to spare some of our time to take care of our skin

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