Here are the 6 main trends to follow and the purchases to make in our photogallery!

1 – Padded shoulders.

This autumn, the fashion is inspired by the 80s. It’s the return of the shoulder pads, bigger ou smaller, according to the tastes of each one!

2 – Chess and patterns of animal inspiration.

This trend extends from the previous season, but now with daring and original combinations and cuts!

3 – Knitwear.

They can be sweaters, trousers, dresses, coats, in short, is the domain of knitwear with original colors and patterns and complex, authentic works of art to spruce up your look!

4 – Brown is the dominant color.

In partial or integral looks, this neutral color can be animated with patterns, glitter, different textures and notes of other colors – see the suggestions in the photogallery!

5 – Ankle Boots.

It will be autumn shoes, made with colors and unconventional materials. White booties are the big trend, as well as the originality of the materials: lace, velvet…

6 – Earrings statement.

Asymmetrical or not, the earrings are big and bold, a decoy in your look!

Bershka 6.99€

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