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Ambre Solaire (Garnier): Leite SPF 50+; c. 9.00€

These are the best body sunscreens that you can buy in hypermarkets. Please note:

  • without proper sun protection, UVB rays cause blemishes and some types of cancer, while UVA causes premature aging;
  • labels should indicate whether they have UVA protection, but are not obliged to specify the value of UVA protection;
  • fragrance have an increased risk of allergy;
  • the terms “hypoallergenic” and “without parabens” may be legally used in advertising, but have no medically valid meaning;
  • we recommend the use of a product with a minimum of 30 SPF (Sun Protection Factor) as it prevents the passage of 96.7% of UVB radiation (50 SPF prevents the passage of 98%, but this difference of 1.3% is important for very sensitive skin, children and patients with certain skin problems, such as rosacea and melasma);
  • the European Commission also recommends protection against ultraviolet A-type rays;
  • in order to obtain the protection indicated on the packaging, you must use the right amount and ensure a uniform coverage, so we exclude spray and roll-on versions;
  • right amounts (using as a measure a bottle cap – see image): half cap for the face and neck (if you do not have hair, you need a full cap for the head and neck); 1 for each arm (including the hand); 2 for the back and buttocks; 2 for the chest and abdomen; 2 for each leg (including feet);
  • any sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours;
  • quantities and reapplications are particularly important for children!

Here are our favorites, in alphabetical order:

1 – Ambre Solaire (Garnier): Sun Milk SPF 50+;

2 – Cien (Lidl): Sun Milk Solar Classic SPF 50;

3 – L’Oréal: Sublime Sun Cellular Protect SPF 30 Milk;

4 – Nivea: Sun Protect & Bronze Lotion SPF 30;

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