We have chosen the best sunscreens for the body that you can buy in hypermarkets this summer 2018 – here are the reasons for our choice:

Ambre Solaire (Garnier): Leite SPF 50+; c. 9.00€

1 – Ambre Solaire (Garnier): Leite Protetor SPF 50+.

This is a mixed sunscreen, that is, with chemical and physical filters (learn more about this in, ensuring broad spectrum protection. It’s water resistant and we adore its non-greasy finish, being quickly absorbed.


2 – Cien (Lidl): Sun Leite Solar Classic FPS 50.

This chemical sunscreen has already been well evaluated by consumer associations in previous years and continues to present one of the best quality / price ratios on the market. It is very water resistant and has vitamin E in its composition, being easily absorbed and leaving a dry finish to the touch. Among the fragrance protectors, it was what we found most agreeable.


3 – L’Oréal: Leite Sublime Sun Cellular Protect SPF 30.

Its composition includes chemical and physical filters, which is why it is a mixed sunscreen. Spreads easily, having vitamin E in its composition. Leaves a light glow on the skin, quite beautiful!


4 – Nívea: Loção Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 30.

It is a water-resistant chemical protector, which has no self-tanner in its composition, but claims to stimulate the natural production of melanin – we have not tested the product long enough to be able to validate this statement, but it may be an interesting option for those who enjoy a more tan intense. The truth is that we really liked its light texture, non-greasy moisturizing finish and fresh feeling during application.


Qualities these 4 products have in common:

  • They do not have endocrine disrupters (ingredients suspected of having some role in the development of cancer and infertility, among others);
  • They have labels with clear and fairly complete information, including the list of ingredients;
  • As far as we can see in the publications of European consumer associations and health organizations, they have not yet been criticized as calling into question their quality and / or reliability;
  • Can be easily purchased on commercial surfaces;
  • They are great value for money!


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