It is the new trend and everything indicates that it has come to stay: the end of all diets. This trend combines intuitive eating with 12 easy-to-follow principles that have allowed you to achieve your goals, increase your self-esteem and get the image you want.

The principles are as follows:

1 – Reject the diets. Food and diet should not be the goal of your life. Live as relaxed as possible, which includes stopping calorie counting and permanently fixing your thinking on what to eat next. Food is just a way to live!

2 – Learn to distinguish biological hunger from emotional form. In a very simple way, biological hunger is satisfied with any kind of food, because it results in your body needing nutrients. Emotional hunger is one that generates a strong appetite for a particular food and derives from anxiety, stress and / or a particular problem. Biological hunger must be satisfied, whereas emotional hunger must be fought.

3 – Overcome food cravings: drink a glass of water, phone a friend, get distracted by social networks or television, take a walk …

4 – Eat everything. Do not deprive yourself of any type of food, as this will only generate binge eating. Use a few tricks when shopping if you like certain types of items: lean rather than half-fat milk, chocolate with 70 to 95% cocoa, zero coke, yogurt with a maximum of 60 Kcal, etc. (read article at

5 – Weight does not matter. Muscle weighs more than fat, so worry not with your total weight, but with your fat mass and lean mass. If you do not have a balance that allows you to analyze body composition to evaluate your body’s progress, choose once a month to measure yourself instead of weighing yourself (biceps, waist, hip, thigh, and chest).

6 – Drink 1 glass of water in fasting, preferably with a few drops of lemon juice. This is key to replenishing the hydration you lose during sleep and to speed up your metabolism.

7 – Eat slowly. Communication between the brain and the stomach takes about 20 minutes. By eating fast, you are slowing down the information that you are already satiated and consequently ingesting more calories than you need.

8 – Eat on a smaller plate. Doing so will give your brain the feeling that you eat everything you need with a smaller amount of food.

9 – Before the 3 main meals, drink apple cider vinegar dissolved in water. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in a little water is sufficient. There is a Japanese study that associates this habit with a more rapid weight loss, and yet many people report feeling less hunger and less binge eating throughout the day.

10 – Choose a salad or soup entree. This will make you ingest more vegetables and decrease the amount you consume on main courses and desserts.

11 – Make 1 detox twice a year. In spring and autumn, you can make a detox with teas (read the article at or with a specific product (you can get advice from a herbalist).

12 – At least walk 30 ‘a day. They can be divided into 3 walks of 10 ‘each; just leave the house, walk 5 ‘and return. Of course the ideal will be a more regular and intense physical activity, but if you can not do it, 30 ‘of daily walking already makes a lot of difference!

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