We all know the feeling of looking at a full wardrobe and thinking “I have nothing to wear!”. Seize the balances to solve this problem – at least this summer 2018!

Here are the 5 pieces that, if you do not already have, must buy in the balances to update your wardrobe:

1 – Skirt.

Midi, pleated, transparent, monochrome or with multicolor patterns (like plaid, for example), is a key piece!

2 – Blouse or top.

Ruffles, uncovered shoulders, pinstripes, ethnic patterns, and polka dots are prominent, as are the ornate t-shirts.

3 – The overalls.

It is a mandatory trend this summer. It can be made with various fabrics, have various shapes and patterns.

4 – The dress.

The dress-combination, with thin straps and fluid, is perfect for the hottest days and nights. The lace and transparencies are also present, as are patterns inspired by nature, stripes and glitter.

5 – The coat or windbreaker.

Oversized bargain blouses fit any style. On the other hand, the embroidered coats break the monotony without losing the elegance. Another trend this summer of 2018 is the kimono jacket.

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Zara blusão oversized 39,95€

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