Erase the wrinkles on your cleavage! The skin of the neckline is subject to premature aging, either by the sun or lack of care. The situation is often aggravated by the position in which we sleep, either on the side or on the stomach. Moisturizing this area daily and using a good sunscreen is essential, but may not be enough, since the compression of the breasts while sleeping on the side or belly down worsens the creases of the skin and, over the years, the definitive ones. Sleeping on your back solves this problem, but not everyone can, as this causes discomfort and even disturbs the much-needed rest.

Some products have come on the market to solve this situation. One is a special bra, developed by the Dutch brand La Decollette. Keeping the breasts separate during sleep in a very comfortable way, this product allows to revert the signs of aging in a fast and effective way.

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Credits: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


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