The 5 best teas on a diet!

The 5 best teas on a diet!

In a balanced diet, we intend to achieve and maintain a weight appropriate to our age, height and sex. This brings gains for appearance and, above all, health. Here are the top 5 teas for any diet:

  1. Liquorice – 3 cups before 18h; very effective in reducing the appetite and facilitating the functioning of the adrenal glands, which release hormones to fight stress (for example, cortisol) and decrease the uptake of glucose by cells, thus increasing the use of fats.
  2. Marian thistle – 3 to 4 cups throughout the day; facilitates digestion and combats constipation without damaging the intestinal flora.
  3. Green – 2 to 3 cups throughout the day; accelerates the metabolism and allows a greater oxidation of the fat.
  4. Dandelion – 3 to 4 cups throughout the day; detoxifies the liver and skin, facilitating digestion.
  5. Oolong – 3 to 4 cups before 6pm; accelerates the metabolism and has antioxidant properties.

If you are a healthy adult, you can try our 2 detox suggestions with these teas:

1 day detox: fasting of 24 hours where only the teas are ingested, respecting the order oolong / marian thistle / green / dandelion / liquorice and so on; you must also follow the quantities and times indicated above.

3 day detox: allowed the free intake of fruits and vegetables, accompanied with teas in the oolong / thistle / marian thistle / green / dandelion / liquorice sequence, repeated only twice each day.

It should be noted that in the two detox proposals, the simple ingestion of plain water is allowed and that if you want to sweeten the teas, you should only use honey or stevia.

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