Since 2012, the city of Porto has been voted the best European destination three times. In fact, the heritage, gastronomy, fun and culture make Porto a mandatory destination in today’s tourism.

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Here are the 5 unforgettable places to visit on foot in Porto, in a beautiful walk of only 2.8km in the heart of the city:

1st S. Bento Station.

It was built in a place where there was a convent of Benedictine nuns, which was demolished in the 19th century. The first stone of the station was placed in 1900, in the presence of King D. Carlos, and the building was completed in 1916. In addition to being an important railway terminal with connections throughout the country, the station is decorated with 20,000 pictorial tiles, by Colaço. These tiles form a color frieze on the evolution of transport (from the earliest days until the appearance of the train) and several panels in blue and white with the most important episodes of the History of Portugal.

2nd Cathedral

At about 350m, on a hill with a magnificent view over the Ribeira, is the Cathedral. In it we can see traces of three artistic styles: the Romanesque (such as the battlements), the Gothic (the rosacea, for example) and the baroque (the beautiful staircase by Nicolau Nasoni and the gilded carving, among others).

3rd Church of St. Francis.

Descending through the Stairs of Truths and the Barredo Stairs, we arrive at Cubo Square, in Ribeira. Then, we cross 300m until we reach the Church of S. Francisco, where we can visit the chilling Chapel of Bones (designed to make us meditate on the transience of life) and the church itself, where there is one of the most extraordinary examples of hoist world. More than 500 kg of gold were used in its achievement, so it becomes a must-see!

4th Palácio da Bolsa.

It is only 120m from the Church of S. Francisco to the Palácio da Bolsa in the neoclassical style. In the Palace there are some of the most important events of the city, besides being the headquarters of the Commercial Association of Porto. Inside, we can visit the beautiful Arab Hall, built between 1862 and 1880 to show the economic power of the bourgeoisie of Porto and reflect the taste for exoticism of Romanticism.

5th Tower of the Clérigos.

About 700m from the Palace of the Stock Exchange, we find the Clérigos Tower, by the famous architect Nicolau Nasoni. Built in the eighteenth century, it is an imposing example of the Baroque and is 75 meters high, offering an impressive view over the city for who climb its 225 steps.

Visit or revisit this 5 locations not to be missed!

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