The color of your skin can and should influence the colors you choose for your clothing and accessories. We all have a skin tone and undertone. The tone is the one we see when we look in the mirror and it varies throughout the year, depending on whether we expose ourselves or not to the sun. The undertone is the complex mixture of colors that originated our skin tone and remains stable, being able to be hot or cold. How to know what our skin undertone is and how to use this information? There are three simple and quick methods:

1st Observe the veins of your wrists in daylight, but do not stand directly in the sun. If they are bluish / purplish, your undertone is cold. If they are greenish, olive-colored, your undertone is warm.

Have doubts? Let’s move on to the second method!

2nd Unwrap, tie your hair and wrap yourself in a white towel. Take a sheet of white paper and, in the mirror, place it near the neck and neckline. By comparison, does your skin look pink in these places? Then your undertone is cold. If the skin looks yellowish, your undertone is hot. Still undecided? Try the third method!

3rd Take two accessories, one silver and one gold (necklace or bracelet, for example). It is important that they have a similar size. Alternately, place them next to your neck or neckline and go looking in the mirror. One of them should make your skin more radiant. If it’s silver, your undertone is cold. If it’s gold, your undertone is hot. What if you still could not make up your mind? So congratulations, you belong to the smaller group of neutral undertone, having more freedom of choice in the colors that you want to use! And in all other cases?

People with cold undertone are most favored by cool base colors and silver accessories, while hot undertone people are most benefited with warm base colors and gilded accessories. Let’s look at the examples:

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