Tasty, nutritious and satiating (despite their low calorie), take place in any diet. It’ s easy to find them for sale and can be used in varied recipes, in addition to having a low cost. Here are 5 valuable foods in any diet:

1.º Sardine:

– Rich in omega 3, vitamins A, B12 and D, zinc, iron, calcium and protein;

– Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2.º Spinach:

– Rich in iron, vitamins A, C and K, fiber, sodium, lutein (key to eye health);

– Cardiovascular benefit;

– Can be consumed in soups, spreads, salads, shakes …

3.º Orange:

– Rich in vitamin C and fiber;

– Cardiovascular benefit;

– For maximum benefit, it must be eaten, not drank!

4.º Egg:

– It has proteins of excellent quality;

– Rich in vitamins A, D, K, B2, B12;

– It has selenium, zinc, iodine and lutein;

– Cholesterol present in the egg is just one of the factors that lead to an increase in blood cholesterol – it is preferable to cut in fat intake than in the egg, for example!

– A healthy adult can eat up to 6 eggs per week.

5.º Beans:

– Rich in protein, fiber, iron, calcium and zinc;

– It has cardiovascular benefits;

– Helps control appetite.

Meet 5 simple and delicious recipes with these 5 superfoods here.

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