Capillary schedule: revolutionize your hair!

Capillary schedule: revolutionize your hair!

Making a capillary schedule is easy, cheap and effective:

  • Begin by deciding how often you want to wash your hair each week. This will vary depending on your type of hair (oily, dry, mixed …) and lifestyle. It is advisable to keep your hair clean, and you can use a dry shampoo every now and then to space the washes a bit more.
  • Keep in mind that all hair needs hydration, nutrition and reconstruction – these are the three steps of the hair schedule.
  • Moisturizing is used to restore moisture to the hair. These products have natural assets such as fruits, herbs and botanical extracts.
  • Nutrition restores the lipids / fat in the hair. They are products made from oils: butters, vegetable waxes, avocado oil, argan oil, etc.
  • The reconstruction serves to replenish hair proteins. It can be made with products based on keratin and derivatives (cysteine, creatine, aginin, collagen, etc.).
  • Look for these substances in the composition of the products you buy for your hair. Also choose a shampoo suited to your hair type, possibly a shampoo anti-curl at some times of the year.
  • Establish your monthly capillary schedule. Here is an example of a monthly schedule for three washes per week:
Day 1
(ex: Monday)
Day 2
(ex: Wednesday)
Day 3
(ex: Friday)
1st week Hydration Hydration Nutrition
2nd week Hydration Hydration Nutrition
3rd week Hydration Hydration Reconstruction
4th week Hydration Hydration Nutrition
  • The schedule can be changed by the needs of your hair. For example, if your hair is parched, you can do two reconstructions and two nourishments a month.

Be persistent and you will see the results in a short time!

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Tresemmé, Condicionador Color Keratina.

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